How Penso Works

Watch this short video to learn how the Penso chatbot works. Once you have learned how Penso works, you can start using it from here!

If you prefer reading the user guide:

1. Press “Get Started” if this is your first time using Penso!

Start using Penso App to find your next penpal

2. Press “Manage My Profile” to set up your penpal profile.

Update your profile to let others know more about you

3. Penso will ask you a few questions. You just need to response by typing in your answers or choosing the right options.

Answer a few questions to complete your profile

4. Penso will send you a message confirming profile setup has been completed.

Whenever you want to edit your existing profile, just press “Manage My Profile” and press the profile item you want to update.

Press “Find Penpals” to see your three penpal profiles of the day!

Penso will suggest three penpal profiles for you everyday

5. This shows you the three profiles of the day. You can press a user name to view his/her complete profile.

You can check out their profiles

6. This is the complete story of a penpal. You can learn more about a user, including his/her letter exchange preference and story.

The profile includes basic information, letter exchange preference and story.

7. You can press the “Ping” button if you decide to connect with the user.

Press the Ping button if you decide to connect with the user

8. When someone pinged you, Penso will send you a match request message.

You can read his/her complete profile, and then you can choose to accept/reject the request. Don’t worry, the other person will not be notified when you reject the request!

When you have accepted a penpal request, Penso will exchange contact emails for you. You can then contact your new penpal and arrange for a letter exchange through the contact email!

Penso will send you a match request message when someone pinged you

9. If you want to stop receiving new penpal requests, press the “Unavailable” button under the “Update Profile Status” menu.

When you want to find new penpals again, simply press “Available for match” to make your profile visible again!

Update Profile Status

10. We have added a menu button to help you find and manage things in Penso more easily. Press “Profiles of the Day” under the Find Penpals submenu to see your three daily profiles. You can also press “Recent Pending Requests” and “Recent Match History” to check your recent match requests and successful matches (with their contact emails) respectively.

Penso App menu button

Find penpals

Check your profiles of the day

Check recent pending requests

Accept or reject your pending requests

Check your successful matches

View the profiles and contact emails of your successful matches

Happy penpalling 😉